Am I Your Type?


Eons ago, when slimy, scaly lizards ruled the world (more so the 4 footed versions, as opposed the bi-pedal renditions we are familiar with today) my high school offered a course in Anatomy and Physiology; in which I  enrolled.

bloodletting-16th-century-granger bloodletting-16th-century-granger


I vividly remember covering the chapter, on blood.  The end project was to type our own blood by drawing it, with a lancet.  No one in my group wanted to stick themselves so I bravely volunteered and viola – everyone at our table turned out to have the same blood type and Rh factor.

Fast forward a few decades and it turns out I have a blot clotting issue.  Aaaaand it might just be important to know my blood type.  Of course, I can remember “typing” my blood, in high school; but I’m just not sure what the Rh factor is.  Not terribly helpful if one were to need an emergency transfusion and access to quick information could save your life.

Eldon Kit

Enter the Blood Type Eldoncard Typing Test Kit available at,, for $10.59.  Everything you need to type your blood, at home.

Blood type 017

This is how it comes, in a box and then a bag.  Minus the Voodoo looking claw hand thing, to the left.

Work area

My professional working area, aka the TV tray – set of 4 also available at,

unused eldon card

This is the card that came out of the foil.  The circles will be activated by water and then blood to tell you your blood type.  Put a drop of water on each circle.

steel lancet

Next, I wiped my finger with alcohol and got ready, for the fun!  The safety lancet provided, in the kit, is much easier to use, than the old steel ones I remember jamming into my fingers.  But, with a safety lancet, you only get one shot.  The steel lances you could stab yourself over and over.

Blood type 008

This is the Safety Lancet with the long skinny green plastic protector removed.  (You can see the protector in the picture with the water dish)  When you twist that green thing out, you are setting the trigger for the lance.  If you think of a gun, the green thing is the safety, once it is removed the lance can shoot.  But, it can only shoot ONCE!!!!!


I put my hand, palm up, on the TV tray.

Set the lancet, small white side down, on my left hand ring finger. I put it towards the pinky side of my ring finger, the skin is thinner there.


Pushing the lancet straight down, it went easily and then stopped. That’s when you need to be ready.  Because the next push (which pricks your finger) will take some effort (not like lifting a car off someone effort) but like “pushing a ball point pen on and off” effort.

Just go straight down evenly and let the lancet do the work.  It’s not difficult!


And, most importantly, IT DOES NOT HURT!!!!!!!!

Drop of Blood on finger

There it is – my life giving force!

voodoo claw

Forget the post on blood typing, why do my hands look like a chicken claws? And is that only in pictures but in also in real life?

Blood test card

Anyways, you put a drop of blood on each circle, mix with the water, tilt card and TADA – these are my results!


Compared to the Eldon Blood Type Chart –

My Blood Type Is

I am B+

Just like I was in high school!  This is probably good information that everyone should know, about themselves.  The home test is really easy to preform and read.  Or, I am sure for a nominal price and a small raise in your monthly health insurance premium, a doctor would be more than happy to stab your finger too.

bloody typing gif

Happy typing! (bad pun)





















  3 comments for “Am I Your Type?

  1. Peggy
    May 5, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    My blood is smarter than your blood. I’m A+
    Did you have to do the thing where you made mutant fruit flies? I can’t remember why we were doing it; I just remember our whole classroom almost passed out from the over abundance of ether in the air.


    • May 5, 2015 at 6:37 pm

      Ha! No, we didn’t do mutant fruit flies. But, we did spend the last quarter dissecting fetal pigs. Ugh! Nothing says “hello” like a non air-conditioned lab, smelling of 12 fetal pigs dipped in formaldehyde, on a warm CA spring afternoon. What masochist came up with our schooling???


      • Peggy
        May 5, 2015 at 8:16 pm

        Your school obviously had more money than mine. 🙂
        Where the heck are you????????? Send me an email with your address, pretty please. Couldn’t even send you a birthday card to remind you how old you are.
        Speaking of old and claw hands, do you realize I am now 61!!!!!!!!! I was still in my 40’s when you moved. Good heavens, what happened?


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